Aegis Day

Already VI

Aegis Day VI · 17 May 2022 · 15:00-18:30 · GRAAL Meeting Room · C.444

15.00 · Dr. Tina Kalantzopoulou · Assistant Director of the Belgian School at Athens

Taking the high road - a review of performed survey on the uplands of East Crete and future research plans

15.30 · Dr. Tiziano Fantuzzi · UCLouvain FSR Incoming postdoctoral fellowship

Minoan Eruption Chronology and 14C-gauged Correspondence Analysis as a tool for an integrated approach

16.00 · Dr. Laura Alvarez · Université libre de Bruxelles, CReA-Patrimoine, Postdoctoral researcher

Looking in the mirror, staring back in the Bronze Age. About bronze mirrors from 16th to 11th c. BC in Aegean

17.00 · Laura Magno · Uclouvain PhD Student

Micromorphology at Sissi: cultural sediments, human behaviour and technological choices

17.30 · Daniele Vendramin · Uclouvain PhD Student

Filling the background. Moiety Organisation in Final Neolithic Phaistos

18.00 · Dr. Francesca Porta · UCLouvain FSR Incoming postdoctoral fellowship

Pithos production at Pyla-Kokkinokremos (Cyprus) during the 13th century BC: new evidence from petrographic analyses